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June 15, 2009


Americans consider education to be a right that all children are entitled to, but in other countries around the world such as Mozambique, education comes at a cost that countless families are unable to afford. During New Hope’s S.o.S. mission trip to Mozambique in July 2008, we saw what happens to a country whose citizens are uneducated. About 20 years of civil war has left an entire generation illiterate, uneducated and unable to pull themselves out of the extreme poverty and difficulty in which they and their children are now living.

The school that New Hope’s team helped build during the mission trip to Mozambique in July 2008 is now completed and scheduled to open in February 2009! On our last day in Mozambique, we paid one last visit to the school that we helped build. We were disturbed to learn that most of the children in the surrounding neighborhood would not be able to afford the tuition to attend the school that they faithfully watched us build for 2½ weeks. We decided that this could not be! New Hope’s S.o.S. missions board has formed a student scholarship program that will enable us to sponsor students to attend the school.

The Plan: Provide tuition and uniforms to enable needy children to attend the “New Hope Mahotas Adventist School“ in Mahotas, Mozambique.

The Cost: $240.00 per year which includes the cost of a school uniform that is required by schools in Mozambique. Many children are unable to attend school simply because their family cannot afford to pay for the uniform!

What You Get: You will receive a blessing for helping a child receive a Christian education who might otherwise not be educated at all. Just imagine how education can change a child’s future!

How To Give: Your donations will be tax-deductible. We encourage you to pay the $240 up-front if you are able, so that the student is guaranteed coverage for an entire school year and also to reduce administrative costs and tracking. If you prefer a monthly payment plan of $20/month for 12 months, please let us know. Payment options are:

1) Donations may be made at New Hope Church’s website:
http://www.lookingforachurch.org/. On the home page, click on “Online Giving” (under “Quick Links” at the bottom) and log in or register as a new user. Designate your gift in the “Mozambique Scholarship” field. You will receive a receipt immediately after donating online.

2) You can also make your donations by checks made payable to “New Hope Adventist Church” and marked “Mozambique Scholarships“. Please click here to request a printable donation form to include with your payment. Mailed or hand-carried donations will receive a receipt at year-end from the church.

You may also make a one-time donation to be used for the scholarship program. This gift will be combined with others to sponsor the largest number of students possible. NO GIFT IS TOO SMALL!

Thank you for considering educating a child in Mozambique. Please feel free to share this program with anyone that you think might be interested. The school has a capacity of 400 students, so there are plenty of children to help!

For stories, pictures and videos of the mission trip, click
here and you will see just why we fell in love with the people of Mozambique! If you would like a printable donation form e-mailed to you or if you have any questions for us, please click here.