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April 23, 2009


About a year ago, a girl about 12 years of age, showed up at the gate of the Eden Garden Orphanage (in Haiti) in the middle of the night. She showed severe respiratory distress, and was taken to a doctor that happened to be visiting the orphanage from Tennessee. They had no
equipment to work with, so they just stayed up and tried to keep her comfortable, praying over this little girl all night long. In the morning, they took her to the hospital - "hospital" being a very loose term in Haiti , where they had an X-ray machine with no film. After finally acquiring some film and getting a look at the girl's lungs, the best that the Tennessee doctor could figure is that the little girl had ingested some bleach, which was destroying her lungs from the inside out. The Tennessee Doctor said that if a child had come to them in this condition at the Level One trauma center where he works, they would have given her a 5% chance of survival even with all the technology and state-of-the-art equipment that they had. However, our God is a God of Miracles and He saw fit to heal this child and she began to improve a little more each day! Today, she lives and works at the orphanage and the New Hope team will get a chance to meet this girl, appropriately called "MissyClean", when they are there for the medical mission trip this May.