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May 8, 2009


2 weeks from today, a group of 17 members and friends of New Hope church leave for the MEDICAL MISSION TRIP TO HAITI (May 21-27)! Based on what we heard about the last group that visited, we expect to see over 900 patients our 4 working days there (we saw that many in 8 days in Mozambique)! One medical team will work out of the orphanage, and another team will go out "on the road" into villages to conduct more clinics.

Many people have asked how they can support the mission trip even though they are not physically able to go to Haiti. Below you will find a list of medications and supplies that are still desperately needed. Thank you in advance for supporting the trip in this way and for helping the sick in Haiti!

PICTURE: Just yesterday, one New Hope family donated all of these meds for the medical clinic!


Pediatric and infant versions of Motrin (Ibuprofen) & Tylenol (Acetaminophen)
Pepcid 20mg, 40mg tabs
Anti-fungal cream
Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) 12.5mg liquid and 25mg tabs
Gyne-cream (such as Monostat)
Lice treatment shampoo
Multi Vitamins - Adult and Childrens
Waterless Soap/Anti-bacterial hand gel
Dixie cups
Ziploc bags - snack size

We need many bottles or tubes of each as we will often we give the entire bottle for a treatment regime. Please note that store or generic brands are gladly accepted!

Rx Medications
• Erythromycin 250 tabs (500 tabs)
• Acyclovir 200mg caps (500 caps)
• Acyclovir 200mg/5ml (200ml)
• SMZ-TMP DS 800mg-160mg tab (500 tabs)
• Polymyxin Sulfate/TMP op. soln* (10ml bottle) 5 bottles
• Ranitidine 300mg tab (200 tabs)
• Augmentin 875mg (100 tabs)

Miscellaneous items:
Peanut butter (they say it's like GOLD over there!)
Balls that can be deflated to fit in luggage (soccer, etc)

What do we expect to see in Haiti? To view a video put out by the Eden Garden orphanage where we'll be working, click here.

We solicit your prayers in lifting up of the people of Haiti. The poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti is said to have little hope. As we serve these people, may they see at least a glimpse of the hope that Jesus offers us all!